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Shodhganga – Thesis Repository

Shodhganga - Thesis Repository

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Plagiarism-Types and Prevention

Plagiarism has assumed importance as an academic misconduct that violates the element of academic integrity and honesty. It has become imperative for the entire academic community to realise its seriousness and to curb the misconduct by sensitising the community.

The articles below are being put on the website to sensitize the research community of the University of Delhi on what constitutes plagiarism, its various forms and ways to prevent it.

The articles are mainly from UGC recommended anti-plagiarism softwares, Turnitin and ithenticate sites. Adequate permissions have been taken for putting the articles on the website.

a. What is Plagiarism-Turnitin

b. Plagiarism in Scientific Research

c. Pressure to Publish- ithenticate

d. Self Plagiarism- ithenticate