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Industry University Interaction Cell

Industry University Interaction Cell

The Industry University Interaction Cell at the Indira Gandhi Technological And Medical Sciences University supports the students in shaping and managing their careers by building key ingredients required for a student to be a complete professional. The Centre will focus on building through various employability skills through various training programs and interactions with industries. These skills not only improve the chances of placements for students but also help in developing professional attributes essential for growing in the job.

Industry Interactions

The IUIC organizes regular University Industry meets to serve as a networking forum.


The IUIC assist students in getting internship in various companies/organisations where students hone their employable skills and get training in various domains.
Interested in providing internship to our students : contact : info@igtamsu.ac.in

On Field Industry Visits

The IUIC organises field visit or industry visit for its students. These visits are at sites of professional relevance to the students.

University Tour

The IUIC organizes familiarization visits to the University for the Industry. Industry representatives are welcomed to tour the University and meet the key people running the University.
Book a tour : contact : info@igtamsu.ac.in

Resources for students

A Guide to Resume and Cover Letter Writing

Thank You/Follow Up Letter Guide

A Guide to Curriculum Vitae