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List of Programmes conducted by the College

S.No. Programme Download Syllabus
1 Ph.D.
2 M.D. Yoga / M.D. Naturopathy
3 Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences - BNYS
4 Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy
5 Diploma in Yoga Therapy
6 Certificate Course in Yoga & Naturopathy

Vision of the College By the Principle

सर्वे  भवन्तु सुखिन:      सर्वे  सन्तु   निरामया ।

सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यिन्ति मा कश्चिद् दु:खभाग्भवेत्।।

All human beings become healthy, wealthy and sorrow less if they follow the path of humanity and spirituality.


The great vision of NANA JI  DESHMUKH is “Life Long Health For All”, which means man’s physical body is the abode of man’s soul.

Same vision  was also spread by our Great Mahamanav MAHATMA GANDHI JI, throughout  the nation during his visit and movement. Before conceiving  this vision he is known to have thoroughly   read a book ”Return To Nature”  written by Dr Adolfe Just.

Though perishable, body must be kept healthy and in good state in order to be able to achieve the purpose of life. It was appreciation of this dictum that gave rise to the sciences of Naturopathy, Yoga, Ayurveda ,AYUSH and Ahar Vigyan means the science of how to live  balance life with five senses or you can say balanced food of these five senses.

Yoga links each organ of the body to the organism as a whole, uniting body and soul. Ayurveda is the science of life and its longevity, of which curative medicine is but one part.

To live , man has to sustain his body, and in this respect shares certain traits with other living beings of the  world. The most common is  the need  to ingest food , drink and to sleep. He also shares the tendency of flight and fright condition  which ensures his  survival and the compulsion to procreate which facilitates perpetuation of the species.

In animals all physical needs are  governed by this great Nature. So long as they remain in their normal habitat, they are unlikely to lose their health and vigour.

It is now a proved fact that it is not possible for any single health system  to provide Life Long Good Health  to human beings. Besides the Modern Medicine there is now a great need to explore alternative therapies from medicine systems historically available in India so that Yoga ,Naturopathy independent as well as in combination with Modern Medicine and other AYUSH system can complement each other in order to provide best solutions for the management of disease conditions

In to days era, with the advancement of science and technology there has been a tremendous increase in the level of  pollution in our environment which includes the soil, water, air, sound as a result the fruits, vegetables, drinking water and other  products that we use in our daily life contain harmful pollutants.

In the name of progressiveness there has been a promotion of artificial life-style. Man is caught in a web of unhealthy life style as a result it is now becoming difficult to find a perfectly healthy person . Every individual now seems to be consuming some kind of pill or drug in order to maintain good health not realising that over- indulgence in any form induces ill- health, sometimes to the extent of endangering life itself.

There  has been an  increase in  wrong practice of medicine,  consumption of drugs, clinics, remedies and hospitals but they are only”dhak ke teen paat” which means useless.

Though some of the advances in medicine and surgery have led to almost miraculous results. Yet, despite such qualitative and quantitative increases in health care, many diseases remain resistant to drug, consequently new strains of diseases continue to appear. Failure to arrest the spread of some killer diseases, leads to anxiety and helplessness. Without a radical new approach to the subject, therefore, it doesn’t seem possible to eradicate such diseases, let alone ensure lifelong health for all. This situation has engaged the attention of many perceptive minds.

Hence, there is now a  necessity of renewal of the legacy of India’s Two Ancient Shastras (sciences) Yoga and Ayurveda. They provide an alternative path to the goal of maintaining life long health.These Shastras do not treat the body in isolation, but treat it as part of a Psychosomatic- Intellectual- Spiritual whole.

Naturopathy (Prakritik chikitsa):

Healing through natural methods of treatments derived from Panch Mahabhuta which is  based on Non-violence. Naturopathy is based upon a concept of disease and cure which is nothing but outcome of common-sense principles applied to the phenomenon of health and disease.It is waging a war against disease which cannot fail to be successful in the long run, however much it may be held back and hindered at the moment by public ignorance and high handed medical action. Naturopathy will help in bringing the knowledge of its existence in the world of healing within the range of an ever-increasing circles of intelligent and self responsible human beings.

‘And Nature cure,is a Philosophy of Disease and Healing built up and elaborated as a result of many years of patient investigation and research into the Nature cure and cause of disease, by our pioneers dissatisfied with orthodox views upon these matters which realises that disease is something quite other than it is supposed to be according to orthodox medical teaching, and which resorts to nothing but the simplest, most natural, and instinctive measures to bring about its results” (Dr.HerryBenjamin).

The power to cure disease is taken to reside always and only within the body of the patient himself, and will manifest itself as soon as the wrong habits of living and harmful practices which have hampered its activity in the past and obscured its presence have been rectified,as a result of Nature Cure treatment and guidance with counselling and practice.


Most ancient Philosophy of Yoga is based on how to equilibrise the human beings with surrounding nature as well as he break death and life cycle or to stop rebirth and achieve ultimate goal of MOKSHA .

Mahrishi Patanjali says; योगश्चित्तिवृत्ति निरोध:तद: दृष्टु:स्वरुपवे्स्थानम।। Means Restraining of mind-stuff (chitta) from talking various forms (vrittis) is Yoga.The seer Purushha rests in his own unmodified state at that very time.

Spiritual ethaps means,no matter what you are doing, whether you are a king or a peasant, whatever is the nature of your activity, there is only one ultimate goal for every body- liberation. Even today,even the simplest human  in this universe will talk about MUKTI /  NIRVANA .

But  normal humans  don’t have any knowledge about Yoga. For that Yogic management is becoming more and more popular throughout the world . Generally people follow only physical exercises pertaining to Asanas. These yogic exercises are only a part of Yoga Science and not the complete process. Asanas by themselves can’t ensure lifelong health.

Our University  is providing an  integrated Yoga treatment with other AYUSH system  so that people can inculcate a  spiritual and mentally  healthy life style.


Physiotherapy is defined as a science that seeks to improve movement dysfunctions, promotes optimal health and functions of human body. It involves the assessment, maintenance, restoration,of the physical function and performance of the body and is strongly recommended for people with degenerative disorders, the physically challenged, sports people, suffering from arthritis and neurological disorders.


The ancient scientist Acharya Agnivesh ,a student of Acharya Atreya   documented scriptures of Ayurveda and  framed his knowledge in form of texts ,he named his book as Agnivesh Tantra. Till date the book remains the main pillar of Ayurvedic wisdom and is famous by name of Charak Samhita. It is mandatory to mention the probable time of this creation at this point, which dates back to astonishing 2500 B.C.back.Only legacy of Agnivesh who is least rewarded for his work sustained the time and till date is benefitting the mankind.

Acharya Bhardwaj was the first among those who professionally started imparting Ayurvedic wisdom to his immediate descendant Acharya Atreya  took an initiative to setup the first school of Ayurvedic Medicines. Before that time ayurvedic wisdom was transferred orally.

To achieve, the above moto of ‘life long health for all ’’ the University has become the pioneer in the field of Research in Yoga , Naturopathy  and Ayurvedic medicine in the  North East of India with the help of 100 bedded Yoga & Naturopathy Hospital sanctioned by Central Council For Research In Yoga & Naturopathy (CCRYN), Ministry of AYUSH ,Govt. of India, New Delhi,[ vide letter No: 8-02/Establishment (Y)/CCRYN/2016-17/21G1 dated 12.12.2017]. This is first of its kind in the North-East of India and will play  a very important role in making Arunachal Pradesh a Global Capital of Yoga and Naturopathy.


Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences (BNYS)


Course Details Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences (BNYS) is a 5 ½ years (4½+1year internship) Medical Degree in Naturopathy and Yoga, which is equal to the duration of other medical courses Admission Process Students in BNYS will be admitted by merit of NEET and other methods decided by govt. time to time. Detailed information […]


Certificate Course in Yoga & Naturopathy


It is ideal for those who have always wanted to have an in depth understanding of Yoga but have been unable to take a long time off. It covers textual,  psycho-physiological,  and practical aspects of Yoga, as well as, teaching methods in yoga. Download Syllabus Fee Structure   


Diploma in Yoga Therapy


Course helps to train and prepare deserving candidates in the exoteric aspects of Yoga, which deals with the problems of integration of personality as a first step to prepare oneself for the higher esoteric practices. The students will also be grounded fairly in the various academic aspects of the subject so that they may find […]


M.D. Yoga / M.D. Naturopathy


MD Yoga The course perfectly blends the best of the East (yogic science and ancient healing systems) with the best of the West (rehabilitation medicine and research). MD Naturopathy Applied basic Medical Sciences and concept of health and diseases in Naturopathy Diagnosis using conventional Medicine and Naturopathy and the Naturopathic treatment for the disorders Research […]


Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy


Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy is Diploma level Yoga and Naturopathy course. Course helps to train and prepare deserving candidates in the exoteric aspects of Yoga, which deals with the problems of integration of personality as a first step to prepare oneself for the higher esoteric practices. The students will also be grounded fairly […]