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World Aid Day : Awareness March and Discussion

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Red Ribbon.svg

The red ribbon is the global symbol for solidarity with HIV-positive people and those living with AIDS.
Observed by All UN Member States
Date 1 December
Frequency Annual
First time 1988; 30 years ago

World AIDS Day, designated on 1 December every year since 1988,[1] is an international day dedicated to raising awareness of the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection and mourning those who have died of the disease. Government and health officials, non-governmental organizations, and individuals around the world observe the day, often with education on AIDS prevention and control.

World AIDS Day is one of the eight official global public health campaigns marked by the World Health Organization (WHO), along with World Health DayWorld Blood Donor DayWorld Immunization WeekWorld Tuberculosis DayWorld No Tobacco DayWorld Malaria Day and World Hepatitis Day.[2]

As of 2017, AIDS has killed between 28.9 million and 41.5 million people worldwide, and an estimated 36.7 million people are living with HIV,[3] making it one of the most important global public health issues in recorded history. Thanks to recent improved access to antiretroviral treatment in many regions of the world, the death rate from AIDS epidemic has decreased since its peak in 2005 (1 million in 2016, compared to 1.9 million in 2005).[3]

Source : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_AIDS_Day

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